As a music teacher or another adult involved in your local high school's music program, there may be a lot of interest in developing a marching band for your school. A marching band workshop can prepare students to form such an organization and perform at games and other local events. The following ingredients must be added to your workshop if you want a show-stopping band:

Strict Requirements

While you may want every student to join in, realize that marching bands not only require musical ability but other qualities. If your band will travel, you also need to ensure that student's grades won't suffer. You need fair but strict requirements for your workshop attendants. You might include a certain GPA range, a certain aptitude with an instrument and similar criteria.

Those who aren't eligible for the workshop this time can work hard and set a goal of making it next year. You might also have a few secondary roles that some students could play, such as band manager.

Team-Building Sessions

Your workshop will, of course, focus on the technical aspects of a good marching band, but above all, remember that a band is a singular unit; teamwork is essential. In order for the group to function best, they need to be comfortable with and trust the other members of the band. This can be done through various team-building activities as blind hikes, trust falls and working together to solve puzzles.

Workout Regiment

Marching bands require a lot physically from their members. Not only must members carry their instruments, they must perform choreographed steps and at times, play while doing those steps. This can be challenging for students who have never done anything like this before, particularly those playing larger instruments and the percussion section. Therefore, your workshop should introduce a workout regiment that should ready band members for the work ahead. Cardio exercises, free weight lifting, and other physical work should happen early on before students are asked to learn steps or transport instruments.

Time Off

Marching band workshops can be grueling at times. That's why it's vital that you schedule some time off for your students. They can spend an evening listening to workshop teachers play their own instruments, or you can take them out for a fun trip that doesn't involve music at all. This will refresh them and give them a chance to process the entire experience.

Incorporating these tips into your band workshop will help you form a fantastic marching band. Consult other band workshops in the area like Yamah Music Canada for relevant guidance.